Digital Duplicator RONGDA (RD-4129)

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Max A3 original and B4 master digital duplicator RONGDA (RD-4129)

*Intelligent flat bed scanner
*Two in one
*PC connection
*High-speed print

It has a wide range of paper weights from 40-210gsm and 1000 sheets feeding tray volume
RD4129 is compatible with wide range of applications due to its 300 x 400dpi resolution, PC connection, sorter mode (optional), 2-in-1 and more
Sparkle: easily guides the user through step-by-step operations for any print job with bright LCD screen panel
Ultimate low-cost, high-quality printing
More printouts you make with one master, lower cost of those printouts
Print speed can reach up to 130 pages per minute
Widely used in school, office, government and print shop, where usually printing large volume pages

Environment friendly:
No energy-intensive heater: which means no warm-up time and with user-programmable sleep mode which puts the printer into low-power hibernation after a set period with no operation
Operation is extremely economical, with price of single printed sheet little more than the cost of the paper

Characteristics Processing High-speed automatic digital scanning/fully automatic, thermal screening duplicator system
Scanning CIS
Printing Mode Master print
Master Making Digital thermal master making
Original Input Type Bound documents or sheets and computer input
Specifications Use Paper Size Max 297mm×420mm
Min 100mm×148mm
Print Area Max 252mm×355mm
Image Area Legal Drum: 252mm×355mm
Paper Weight 40gsm-210gsm
Original Mode sheets/images/book
Scanning Resolution 300×400dpi
Time of First Paper Printed Approx 44 seconds
Master Size 271mm×495mm
Stencil On/Out Automatically Controlled
Ink Feeding Mode Automatically Controlled
Density Choices Weak, Standard and Strong
Plate Volume Paper Feeding Plate, 950 Sheets/70g
Paper Receiving Plate, 1000 Sheets/70g
Dimensions In Storage: 750×717×880mm
In Use: 1320×625×560mm
Net Weight Approx 98kg
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz/2A
Main Display  English and Chinese
Print Speed 55-120 sheets/min
Zooming Parameters Free Zooming 50-200%
Printing Position  Adjustment Up and Down ±10mm, Right and Left ±20mm
Other  functions Color Print Carry out the color print by changing drums
Connect Computer USB interface
Original Combination Yes
Optional Chip device


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